1. Free no-obligation first Consultation (15 mins by phone) – understanding you and your family’s dietary and lifestyle needs.
  2. Second Consultation (45 mins via phone, email or in person) – proposal and quotation, tweaks and edits.
  3. Our team will develop your family’s 100+ recipes  – keeping in mind the kitchen equipment you already own, level of cooking skill and budgets.
  4. Recipe and systems development (2 weeks). You will receive a beautiful personalized family cookbook (PDF) – filled with delicious, healthy and wholesome recipes – customized to your family’s dietary and lifestyle needs.
  5. Scheduled hands-on cooking session in your home (1 session, 4 hours) – $600 ($150 per hour). Optional beer and wine pairing.
  6. Free unlimited 30 days follow-up phone/email consultations with your personal instructor.
  7. Refresher or repeat cooking sessions are available, e.g. if you get a new helper, at a 10% discount.


Consultations and 2 weeks cookbook and systems development starts at $500. This is a one-time investment.

In-home cooking session at $150 per hour (min. 4 hours) – $600 nett for up to 3 participants. Each additional participant at +$95 nett.

Optional add-on: Wine/beer pairing: Wine or beer $40 per pax;
Wine and beer $50 per pax.

To schedule a no-obligation consultation session – a 15 min phone call with a few simple questions – click here.

Lee Fam Cookbook

Single session cooking classes are available in your home WITHOUT a consultation package. Message us on Facebook for more information. Or email us at