As a chef-restaurant owner, I very often get requests from customers asking for ‘off-menu’ items to cater to their family’s various dietary needs and/or preferences. It has led me to believe that meal times at home must be challenging sometimes, with everyone asking for and needing different things! As a mom of just a single child with no dietary restrictions or food allergies, but lots of preferences and requests, even I find it challenging sometimes to create meals that are interesting, yet delicious, healthy and wholesome.

Trying to please and accommodate everyone on the dinner table can be laborious (and a thankless job), leading to many hours spent researching recipes, shopping, adapting cooking methods to different needs, and spending inordinate amounts of time in the kitchen. THE FAMILY TABLE aims to provide a permanent solution with our customized recipes created specially for your family’s needs, so families can enjoy each other and create wonderful memories at the dining table, at home.

We show you how to execute your family recipes expertly, using equipment you already have, taking in account level of cooking skills, budgets, access to ingredients and time constraints etc. Everything we create and plan is customized to suit you and your family’s lifestyle, so you spend less time worrying about preparing meals, and more time with your family. Or yourself 🙂


1. THE FAMILY TABLE is not targeted toward families with helpers only. The family cookbook can also be applied to dads who love to cook, or moms who enjoy cooking with the kids etc.

2. We are not ‘health food’ advocates. We believe in encouraging balance and variety, using fresh wholesome ingredients, almost zero processed food (zero is best), knowing where your food comes from, how it’s made, and whenever possible, making from scratch. It is always better.

3. THE FAMILY TABLE is not just for family with dietary restrictions. It is also for families who just want a wide repertoire of family recipes that includes everyone’s favorite foods.

To find out how our process works and about our fees, please see “How It Works“.

Single session cooking classes are available in your home WITHOUT a consultation package. Message us on Facebook for more information. Or email us at thefamilytablesg@gmail.com